Our Seal-A-Meal VS107 Review for 2020

Seal-A-Meal VS107 Review

The Seal-A-Meal VS107 Vacuum Sealer, White is the vacuum sealer for you if you have been endlessly looking for a vacuum sealer with the ability to seal food, not only in bags, but also in canisters and Mason jars (although they’re not provided). With the Seal-A-Meal you can vacuum pack leftovers or make your meals in advance, so that it’s always the most convenient time for you to eat what you want.

You can also vacuum pack “fresh” foods (although be mindful of the fact that these have a relatively shorter shelf life than marinated/cured or dried foods) for freezing such as home grown vegetables (peas, corn etc.), and you can even marinate meats within minutes – even moist and delicate foods don’t provide a problem for the Seal-A-Meal VS107.

We’ve found that this vacuum sealer delivers consistently again and again – freshness and full flavor is fully locked in, and it couldn’t be easier to use! This is definitely one of the best vacuum sealers for the price.

Seal-A-Meal VS107 Vacuum Food Sealer

  • Easy-to-use vacuum food sealer locks in freshness and flavor
  • One touch vacuum and seal buttons with indicator lights

Our Seal-A-Meal VS107 Review

Seal-A-Meal VS107 ReviewThe Seal-A-Meal VS107 vacuums with just two touches. We’ve found this to be very helpful, there’s no awkward manhandling of the vacuum food sealer and the sealing bags (or sealing canister as another one of our team found). You can simply set up the canister or bag, touch the vacuum button, watch the indicator light to get an idea of the Seal-A-Meal’s progress (although it never takes too long, it is still very thorough), touch the seal button, remove the bag/canister and store in the appropriate place (we all agree that it’s great that everything you vacuum pack doesn’t have to go in the freezer, but can also take up storage space in other convenient kitchen spaces – pantry, cupboards or refrigerator, it’s up to you, the Seal-A-Meal helps to improve your food storage opportunities, not the other way around).

Another great feature of the Seal-A-Meal VS107 is the accessory port – this means that you don’t just have to vacuum seal your food within the confines of the rollers, but you can also attach a vacuum hose and securely seal Mason jars. We’ve found that with the Seal-A-Meal we can vacuum seal and marinate whatever food we want – carrots, pickles, meat, fish, and even left-over lasagna! Working in tandem with the open/cancel button you have complete control over vacuum sealing your food, including when the process has already been initiated, simply click cancel and wait for your food to be released from the Seal-A-Meal. It couldn’t be simpler.

The Seal-A-Meal doesn’t only focus its attention on attending to your food vacuum sealing needs, but also the overall state and cleanliness of your kitchen. With a dishwasher-safe drip tray you can appreciate the retained gleam of your work surfaces while you simply put the drip tray into the dishwasher – what could take less effort? But Seal-A-Meal aren’t ignorant to the dangers that lurk within most homes unseen and that is why the Seal-A-Meal VS107 is also sensitive to pathogenic attacks via the patented Microban antimicrobial protection – a feature which we all unanimously voted was well worth it and clearly well thought through.

With a warranty that provides you with protection for your Seal-A-Meal VS107 for an entire year and the highly convenient (compact) dimensions of six inches wide, eighteen and a half inches in height and twelve and a half inches in depth, the Seal-A-Meal is designed to fit into your kitchen and feel right at home so that you don’t have to worry about finding a storage space for it when it’s not in use – which probably won’t be very often as the quality is top notch but you still need to take the time to eat the delicious food vacuum sealed by the Seal-A-Meal in order to fully appreciate its value.

Seal-A-Meal VS107 Pros & Cons



  • The Seal-A-Meal VS107 is one of the most affordable Vacuum Sealers available on the market. For less than $60 on most eCommerce retailers, it is a real bargain.
  • While the cost is kept low, you still get some rather innovative features – such as antimicrobial protection. While these features are common on higher priced models, they are rare to find on such a budget ranged model.
  • The accessory port is handy for attaching a vacuum hose easily.
  • The parts are easily cleaned thanks to dishwasher safe components.
  • The Seal-A-Meal VS107 simply lacks build quality. It is flimsy, and feels like it might break when put under little pressure.
  • The Seal-A-Meal VS107 doesn’t provide solid seals like other models do. This is most likely due to the price tag. There is only so much a manufacturer can do on a product that costs less than $50 in some cases.
  • Want a better model? Perhaps consider the Weston Pro 2300 Vacuum Sealer.

Seal-A-Meal VS107 Best Features

  • Dishwasher-safe drip tray – not only does this keep your kitchen work surface safe (whether you’re at home or in a fully functional test kitchen) but it also means that you don’t lose any time trying to decide whether to wash up or put away first. All you have to do is fill the dishwasher, stick the drip tray inside while you put your food away and listen for the beep.
  • Accessory port – perfect for fitting a vacuum hose to the Seal-A-Meal VS107, you’re not only stuck with somewhat flimsy vacuum food seal bags but can also use the highly regarded, top quality Mason jars – for maximum strength and stability of your storage container, whatever you choose to use (we still can’t agree on which is best as we acknowledge that both have their different advantages – the vacuum seal bags allow a reduction in volume and therefore become less prone to being pressed/torn open as the food reinforces the bag, and also takes up less space in your freezer/refrigerator etc.) and protect from freezer burn.
  • Microban antimicrobial protection – who doesn’t want to ensure good hygiene when they’re dealing with food? We certainly don’t and that’s why we have to agree as a team that the Microban antimicrobial protection is one of the most forward-thinking features we’ve come across in a long time; not only does the Seal-A-Meal VS107 “tick all the boxes” but it also goes that extra mile to guarantee a good and safe experience for any customer that chooses to make the Seal-A-Meal VS107 their go-to vacuum food sealer.

Seal-A-Meal VS107 Conclusion

If you have been looking for a reliable vacuum food sealer that safely vacuums and seals to such a high quality that you can’t help but be reassured by the end result time after time – then we say you don’t need to look any further than the Seal-A-Meal VS107. With full flavour, and a texture that is effortlessly restored when you cook the “ready meals”, but without the umpteen preservatives and un-natural flavourings in order for this to be possible.

The Seal-A-Meal encourages a natural and healthy lifestyle with the ease and exceptional quality that is to be expected from mixing technology with some good old-fashioned home grown food. Why don’t you make the Seal-A-Meal your “go-to” vacuum food sealer and see for yourself?

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