FoodSaver V3880 Review

FoodSaver V3880 Review

The FoodSaver V3880 Vacuum Sealing System is the vacuum food sealer for you if you’re looking for an easy manner of vacuum sealing your food with minimum interaction required on your part. With the fully automatic vacuum operation, the FoodSaver V3880 will detect the presence of sealing bag and food so that there’s no risk of pressing a button to start the vacuum sealing process, the vacuum food sealer taking longer than expected, pressing the button again, cancelling out the initial command and impairing the functionality which would make it incapable of carrying out the operation again.

The FoodSaver V3880 also goes one step further than a lot of vacuum food sealers by giving you the option of two vacuum speeds (normal and gentle) e.g. if you’re worried that you have something lightweight to seal, such as salad leaves, and that the suction power will cause the food to be sucked out of the sealing bags then you have the option to lower the suction power exerted on the food; it takes slightly longer but ultimately results in the same high quality of vacuum sealing – without any of your food getting sucked up into one of the two trays used to collect moisture from liquid foods when vacuuming the air from the food sealing bags.

The LED progress indicator lights mean that, with the FoodSaver V3880 you’re never left wondering how much of the vacuum food sealing process is remaining – you always know exactly what the machine has left to carry out, whether it be vacuum the air from the bags or seal the food sealing bags closed – the LED progress indicator also gives you the comfort that the vacuum sealing process is being carried out correctly as well due to the lack of irregularities in the LED indicator when the vacuuming and sealing is being carried out without any problems.

Our FoodSaver V3880 Review

With the FoodSaver V3880 you can even marinate your meats, fruit, salads and fish in mere minutes instead of hours, saving you a significant amount of time while still enabling you to experience and enjoy the full flavour of marinated foods – kept fresh by the vacuum food sealing process, that allow them to be stored in either the cupboard, fridge or freezer (it depends on if you’re marinating meat/fish or anything else and the health and safety precautions that apply as a result of the food type being marinated e.g. marinated tortillas and breads can safely be stored slightly under room temperature away from sunlight).

And just in case the above isn’t enough of an incentive to consider the FoodSaver V3880 as your home vacuum food sealing system, maybe the accessory mode (that allows you to attach a vacuum hose so that you can seal more than just food vacuum sealing bags, such as Mason jars or other canisters), gives you enough of an incentive to seriously take into account the benefits of such a brilliant and effective food vacuum sealing machine – that does just what it says on the box.

The FoodSaver V3880 has surpassed every test we put to it – marinating, sealing bags that aren’t normally re-sealable e.g. tortilla bags, and vacuum sealing meats, fish, salads, fruit, vegetables and breads.

The FoodSaver V3880 also helps you to sort out your food into portion-sized amounts thanks to the reduced space that you have when you’re vacuum sealing your food (the bag won’t go too close to the end of the vacuum food sealer) which means that you always have the right amount of food in the bag for one portion or person e.g. the FoodSaver V3880 will fit one steak in one bag.

FoodSaver V3880 Pros & Cons



  • The FoodSaver V3880 comes with two vacuum speeds – allowing you to really seal foods tightly – something which other vacuum sealers seem to lack.
  • The marinate mode is a real life saver and will surely be the most used function of the V3880. Marinating foods can be tedious, but the V3880 speeds this up thanks to an innovative and rather intelligent automatic marinating function.
  • The FoodSaver V3880 is affordable and falls into the consumer market category. Many high grade vacuum sealers perform worse than this model, even though they can often cost considerably more.
  • The FoodSaver community will help you to really get to grips with the sealing.
  • The construction quality seems to be lacking. It just doesn’t feel sturdy and strong like other models do – but we haven’t been able to find any noticeable defects or accidents due to this.

FoodSaver V3880 Best Features

  • Two vacuum speeds – the option to choose whether to have a high or low level of suction power is very useful when you have lightweight food, or you’re trying to determine whether or not your food is either too lightweight or too liquid to be vacuum sealed to an effective degree without losing any of the food from the bag itself. As with two vacuum speeds, if in doubt, you can always press the gentle speed and not have to worry that you will lose any of your food.
  • Marinate mode – if you like creating your own homemade marinates then this function is for you! The fresh quality of the marinate after you open the vacuum sealed food can’t be beaten (short of eating at the time you make it) and it far surpasses just putting your marinated food in a jar/container (not airtight) as it is, and putting the container in the fridge, or purchasing some ordinary freezer bags and putting the bags into the freezer. For one thing, we’ve found that if any moisture that remains in the bag is water then it’s likely to expand and split the bag open – as well as impairing the flavor of the marinate.
  • Accessory mode – if you really like Mason jars and think that you can make better use of space with those (we still debate that), then the FoodSaver V3880 accessory mode is just the thing for you. With space to put a vacuum hose that can attach itself to the vacuum food sealer and the Mason jars, the accessory mode allows you to make the most of what you already have – while still keeping that full flavor of your food that can only come from keeping it fresh by means of not just airtight storage – but removing the air beforehand.

FoodSaver V3880 Conclusion

We recommend the FoodSaver V3880 to anyone that is looking for a vacuum food sealer that will not only help to safely store the food but that can also improve marinating times, require a less “hands on” approach to vacuum sealing, allow the user to re-use their sealing receptacles (such as Mason jars) thanks to the option to attach a vacuum hose (which also can be stored separately and so save space); and allow the user to have a constant method of monitoring the vacuum food sealing process (via the LED progress indicator lights).

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